Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hot Chocolate

I don't follow Taiwan news very much, so I was very interested to learn in today's Taipei Times that President Ma may have had a homosexual relationship with Chocolate, a black choreographer who was a quasi-celebrity in Taiwan a few years ago.

Yeah, its Chen Shui-Bian claiming this, so its most likely bullshit, but it was really fun to read this line in the TT...

'Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Legislator Chang Sho-wen (張碩文) yesterday dismissed Chen’s allegation that Ma and Mack had had intimate relations.

“Mr Ma is very masculine. It is impossible for him to have had an affair with this guy nicknamed ‘Chocolate,’” Chang said.
President Obama should be on high alert if Ma ever suggests they have a private meeting. 


Karl said...

I am very masculine too. It is impossible for me to have an affair with any guy named anything, because I am so masculine. And macho. I'd write more on this topic, but I have a bunch of manly things I have to go do.

Anonymous said...

"You know how I know yer gay?"