Friday, September 26, 2008

Penghu Trip: Pictures

This is the harbor at TongPan island, a 10 minute boat ride from MaGong city. It is very small and capable of being walked around in an hour. This was my wife's "The one thing we have to do!" until, of course, the next one.
TongPan is famous for its basalt columns that ring the island. The government had closed the island to tourists after two typhoons, but we unknowingly arrived two days after the ban had been lifted. The locals were not pleased as the government still had the restrictions posted both in TongPan and MaGong as well as continuing to broadcast the same. On a sea taxi crowded with residents, soldiers and fire chiefs, we were the only tourists to get off in TongPan.
This is the entrance on the Baisha (白沙) side of the Great Penghu Bridge (跨海大橋), connecting with the island of Siyu (西嶼). It's about 2.5 kilometers long and everyone stops to get their picture taken. Most stand in the middle of the road directly under the arch, which is really okay because another great feature of Penghu is the low level of traffic and the wide open roads. We had to settle for the side of the road. We had asked an elderly gent to help us with the photo and started walking to center of the road, directly under the arch. He started to pan along with us and when we stopped, he began panning back to the side of the road, leaving us out of the picture. We walked back to the side to regain his attention and walked back to the center of the road. Again he followed us with the camera and when we stopped slowly panned back to the side. I decided not to engage in a battle of the wills with this guy. Hell, I bet he helped build the bridge.

One of the many pillboxes scattered throughout the islands. Probably built by the elderly camera guy.


Anonymous said...

Penghu has a 2.5 km long bridge. But Hangzhou has a 36 km bridge.

Looks like China is working harder at building bridges.

red A

Bread said...

still no answer to the diving question. and i waited all this time...

Esquire Willy said...

Awesome pics:)