Friday, September 19, 2008

Birthday wishes and Various tidbits

This year the law school at UM is under construction, meaning my classes are scattered throughout campus. This makes for ample coed viewing (very nice) and a host of overheard conversations whilst walking. In honor of Kevlar and his birthday, I present three eavesdropping lines truly worthy of our man:

1.Cute Girl: Oh my god, I've never peed so much in my life!

2. Cute Foreign Girl: Oh my god, that Professor is so hot. I just want to eat him!

3. Cute Foreign Girl (Asian division): I tired of here. I want sex but afraid American guy too big, will break me!

In response to J-Hole, no major damage. However, my father lost power for 4 days and 18 hours. Why so precise? If you go 5 days, FEMA sends you a check for $1500. I think they would have happily waited six more hours. My mother, who shares a birthday with almighty Kevin, is stuck. The bayous on either side of the neighborhood have flooded, meaning there is no way out for a few days yet. My eldest brother also lives in the Houston area, and apparently kept power throughout the storm, though he lost a big old oak tree in the front yard.

Beyond that, here's a nice pair of photos for all -- I spent last weekend up on the Canuckistani border (Montana side) hiking and fishing the Belly River. Good weather (after the Friday night snowfall that is), Good eats, Good fishing.

The second photo is of Chief Mountain. I've been up on top of it, where various artifacts are scattered (this mountain is the most sacred of locations for the Blackfeet and a place of spiritual pilgrimage).

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mr. bean said...

Yo Bread, You should have hit on the cute Asian gal, explaining to her that you're not that big and would never be so mean as to "break" a girl.