Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So anyways, the new Metallica album is out.

I bought the new metallica at Walmart yesterday and can pretty much guarantee a great price there. The price on the cd was 16.97 but the advertised price was 11.38. I asked the supervisor which was the correct price and she told me 11.38. So I asked her "how come the cd's say $16.97? She then looked at this fat kid who was working there (a little superbadish) and told him to go and take off all the price tags that say $16.97. She then peeled off the pricetag on my cd. I said to her, actually I wanted that pricetag on my cd and she went back to the rack to get me a new one. When she came back I told her I was just kidding and really didn't need the original pricetag on my cd. The fat kid started laughing so hard saying "that was awesome dude, awesome!" It was pretty funny! It should have been a scene from Superbad for sure!

As for the new Metallica, I told myself I was never going to buy another album. The last album was crap. Crap! Crap! Crap! How would a mega band like metallica come up with the idea to not include guitar solos on a heavy metal album? What a stupid idea.

This definately makes up for the last three shit albums put out by this band. A mix of And Justice for All meets the black album. Tastes of the past combined with vocals only of the new. Lars lays down on the drums and the free flowing thrash/metal guitar work destroys anything put out by the band in recent years.

I 've grown away from this type of sound over the last few years, but the radio track got better with every listen and lured me to the store to purchase the album. I'll give it a solid B


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Read an article in the NY Times. Said they hired Rick Rubin to produce and he told them to go back and listen to their old albums and then start to write for this new one. NYT said they liked it much better than the sh-t they had put out in their previous attempts.
On another note, I see AC/DC is backout on the road. That's one show I'd love to see.