Sunday, July 13, 2008

No Hitters, Stoney's move, and Murakami

Went to a ball game in Helena the other night. The visiting Osprey scored a single run in the top of the first (after loading the bases with no outs). And a good thing they did, as three Osprey pitchers (including Jesse Orosco, Jr.) combined to throw a no hitter. The game took two hours flat and would be the last win the Osprey would post until....? Yes, the current, post no hitter losing streak is at 10 (pending the outcome of this evening's game against the Idaho Falls Chukars) and none of the games have been close. Depressing times in the world of A ball.

Stoney has returned to this side of the Pacific, meaning our list of contributors is now balanced between North America and Eastern China. Good luck on this side Rye, enjoy clean air, large women, and beast's ranch porn.

Finally, I made a rule about reading Murakami at night during law school. I simply will not do it. He tends to leave me perplexed and staring into the darkness at three in the morning grasping to understand exactly what I have just read. Well, I broke my little rule for his lesser known novel South of the Border, West of the Sun. The novel centers on a middle aged man twisting around in life, recounting his own past, etc. -- typical Murakami stuff. I thought surely I could read it for an hour and put it down. Alas. I read the whole thing, meandered to the living room, sat down on my carpet and wallowed in my own confusion until sunrise when I had to go to work. Lesson: self imposed, stupid rules are there for a reason (like don't take home girls who have more rings on their face than on their ears) and should not be broken lightly. I will not be reading Murakami at night again.

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