Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Prior to the 6 Day War, Abba Eban made a visit to Charles de Gaulle to reaffirm France's continued support of Israel should hostilities arise. He did not receive it. Rather, de Gaulle, trying to place France as the leading arbiter in East / West relations, stated he was not about to jeopardize the good relations he had established with the Arab countries

"merely because public opinion felt some superficial sympathy
for Israel as a small country with an unhappy history."

Also prior to the war, Prime Minister Harold Wilson on LBJ's plan to send an international flotilla past the blockade at the Straits of Tiran -

" I believe that ther are enough countries in the world
with the sense to realize that world peace is more important even that trying to
go on working through an impotent UN, and with the guts to stand up and be
counted...Who knows, perhaps even France might agree?"

Hank Hill trying to free Peggy and Luanne from a college cult -
"This is a job for meat."