Saturday, July 03, 2010

Taichung AmCham's poster for some unknown day

For the past several years I have contacted Taichung AmCham about their re-naming of our Independence Day. No response. But at least this year they have moved it from the skull-splitting friendly, bricks and concrete venue of Tiger City to a place where grass can actually be seen. And they compiled all the details you need to know for you day of fun in this cute, little poster.
The eagle had to be done by a local who took a visit to the Taipei zoo for reference - mangy, sickly and buck-shot ridden.
America Day. What a bunch of holes (takes one to know one). PJ pointed out that they even got the day wrong - Saturday, July 4th. He is also of the opinion that AmCham refuses to call it by the correct name because they are infested with a bunch of KMT-loving roundeyes who are scared to use the word independence. I always thought they were just plain stupid, but who knows, he may be right. Regardless, there is no such thing as America Day and to anyone who can prove me wrong I will gladly pay 10 monies.
I'm off to Guam to celebrate Independence Day and see if any F-22 pilots would be interested in AmCham's office coordinates.


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That is one sorry looking eagle.