Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sanctions Busting

One advantage of living in Taiwan, is that since they aren't recognized by the UN, they don't have to worry about complying with global boycotts or sanctions.

In my 18 years in Taiwan, I have broken the following sanctions/boycotts:

1) I drank South African beer when South Africa was still under the trade embargo. It was good and cheap at Circle K and other locations.

2) I bought a winter coat made in Vietnam, when the United States wasn't doing business with Vietnam. I always wondered about making winter coats in a hot, humid country - like making surf boards in Siberia.

3) I smoked Cuban cigars in Taiwan, and even took a few back to the States. Shhhhhh, don't tell Homeland Security.

4) Last week-end, Dean-o bought some pistachios to share at Mom & Pop's. They were from Iran. I have checked pistachios in Taiwan for a long time, and they are always from California - so this was a first.

Dean-o of course told me he actually bought a bottle of North Korean soju. This depressed me as I realized I was missing North Korean products in my line-up now.

Luckily, I found a company that sells jeans made in North Korea: nokojeans. I may have a pair sent to me to achieve my final illicit purchase.

I wonder if the jeans are made from Vinalon? That would be a key selling point.

UPDATE: US$ 231.00 for a pair of jeans...may have to wait a while for that to be possible.

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