Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Yeah, people say the concept of Face is very important in Asian culture.

I think its also important in the North America, too, and Dale Carnegie agrees...

But at what point do you have to drop thinking about "face" to get something done or to stick up for your individual interest?

I am thinking about this because some people say by arguing with China (publicly?) about the Yuan, the USA makes China lose Face and that's Bad.

But for sure if I was in a two vehicle car accident, I would not worry about face when making sure I proved I was not at fault. That's probably a no-brainer where y0u ignore face.

Does anyone have any gray areas or stories about where face came into play, big-time?


mr. bean said...

Thanks Red-A for the update. I need a good Fidelity Mutual Fund. Any suggestions ??
On another note, Scott is off to Cebu next week to be with his wife. The first of my Yank buddies to be leaving this year is heading off "The Rock". Farewells at the Taiwan Beer "Factory" on Sunday around 1 or 2. All welcome as there will be no shortage of beer.

Anonymous said...

Dang I will miss that. I arrive middle of next week.

I am not an expert but checking the Fidelity site:


Those are all very diversified international equity funds. Right now its very chaotic as to what will be safe, what currency to be in, etc. These are balanced and global. Equity because if there is inflation that's probably better.


Note FDIVX is 25% financials while the other two are on 20% - I think I'd rather be at 20% financials now.

Note I am not an expert - don't blame me if it all goes to hell.

mr.bean said...

Thanks Red. I'll do some research on them. Give me a shout when you return to The Rock...........Mom and Pop sells Taiwan's finest and we can meet there. Assuming J-Hole hasn't drank it all by then