Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dining in Denver

Apparently, when the Denver Nuggets score more than 120 points in a given game Taco Bell offers four tacos for a dollar. What kind of person are they appealing to with this deal? After you buy the required drink to get the deal, you end up saving like fifty cents. There are some really cheap bastards in this world.

So there I was eating my tacos when I realized I was the healthiest person in the facility. The guy next to me had twelve and ate them in less time than I ate my four. Rookie mistake on my part, next time I'm starving myself and going for sixteen.

In other healthy eating news, Denver has Popeye's Fried Chicken which offers two dark pieces for .99 on Tuesdays. So for one dollar I had lunch and for 2 dollars I had dinner. Hello, I'm American and I'll be obese by August.

Alternatively, staying in Denver I have realized there are other types of food than straight American available at eateries. Within walking distance I have four Korean spots, two Ethiopian dives, four taquerias, one Vietnamese noodle shop and several other places I cannot recall off the top of my head. In Missoula we have no Korean spots, no Ethiopian dives, no taquerias and one Vietnamese noodle shop (that actually serves standard Chinese fair). It'll be interesting to witness which places become my regular haunts -- I'm betting on the Popeye's (they have strawberry pop!).


Anonymous said...

You will be obese but rich. I think deflation is for walmart and Taco Bell drive through receipts seem very cheap. Jesus, I even found a hair cut place for 6 bucks - uh, cheaper than taiwan...

red A

mr.bean said...

6 bucks 4 a haircut ?? I pay 4 in The 'Chung Red-A. Bread, I miss Taco Bell. Some good music in CO I'd imagine. Any Hannibal sightings ??

Anonymous said...

Admit it: you moved to Denver to be closer to Tulowitzki.