Monday, November 23, 2009

Random Thoughts

Spent the weekend in Vegas:

When you are hot in a game, stay with it. Whenever I hit the Bacarat table I won, whenever I played anything else I lost. I finished the weekend up $900 (enough to cover my expenses, including airfare, plus a little extra), but would have been much better off if I had played only Bacarat. Up about $2K on that game alone...Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker, slots and poker machines were not so kind.

When playing Bacarat, do not bet against a streak. Just roll with it. $500 dollars made at one point on a nine hand streak for the Bank. Woo-hoo!

Did win $300 on the Horns. Placed the bet when I got there with a line of 27 1/2, watched it go down to 26 and then had to sweat out a 31 point victory.

New York New York is a maze (a maze which is made worse by geometrical shapes in the carpet). Getting to the room after a bout of boozing is not a pleasant experience and I will not stay there again. Whenever I did get back to the room, I just wanted to vomit.

The hotel room did have a hot tub. I won't do that again -- it's not worth the extra money since you are never there.

Old downtown is still worth the trip over for a night, but stay away from the $8.99 prime rib dinners. Plenty tasty, but the next day is hell.

Wayne Newton still plays. Tom Jones, too. We opted for neither.

Other things:

Assuming Montana and Richmond win their opening round games, they will play each other in two weeks in a rematch of last year's title game. If it happens it will be in Missoula. Hopefully it will be cold and snowy, otherwise the Spiders' speed will get us. Dean, we shall have a bet on this game I presume. First two drinks next time we meet?

Driving to Durango, Colorado for Turkey day. A friend got tickets to the Jazz-Thunder matchup on Tuesday night (Salt Lake is on the way for the geographically impaired), third row behind the Thunder bench. If I do not get arrested for stalking Kevin Durant to sign my Sonics jersey it will be a small miracle.

Will commence studying for the bar exam in a couple of weeks. Ugh. Check in every now and then to ensure I am still kicking.


Bread said...

Update: Montana is not in line to play Richmond in the second round. Sorry for the misinformation.

Anonymous said...

still a great post.ty B.


Anonymous said...

"geometrical shapes in the carpet" doesn't roll of the tongue. Excellent post,informative,and funny. i'll have to email you the rest.

Anonymous said...

Bummer. I'll be in Durango for 3 nights starting Monday, providing the weekly blizzard doesn't hit Wolf Creek that day. There's a nice little Indian casino south of town on route 666, if you want to risk some more of that dinero.

mr.bean said...

Route "666"..........Sounds like a cool place to make some bets Jim.
Bread, My Spiders play Elon on Saturday at home. Should we advance,I'm not sure who's next. I'll check the brackets. If we do meet Da Grizz sometime down the line, I'll go double or nothing on the 2 drinks you should owe me from last years Spiders stomping of Da Grizz in the Championship Game.

Anonymous said...

I love making cross continental bets. Who's up for a couple of beers on both the colts and saints losing this weekend? I'll need odds though. 3-1 Any takers?

Anonymous said...

Last post entered by the greatest sports fan in Eagles history.

Anonymous said...

next time you're heading to Vegas, let me know. I have been hearing good things lately about this little town, and flights are cheap from the northern lands.

Bread said...

dammit jim. i wish i had checked this before i left durango. alas, i'm back in the zoo.

is that a frenchie or a pimp post?

deano, i didn't remember the bet from last year, but i'll trust the reliability of the jerry garcia mind.

chris (and anyone else): i'm contemplating another trip before bar studying fully kicks in... i'll let you know.