Sunday, November 29, 2009


Full disclaimer: I have not watched an entire NBA game on TV in years. The sport generally bores me as the superior athletes have taken it from a "How'd he make that pass?" league to an isolation league with minimal passing (with a few notable exceptions). However, it is still the best sport to see live because of those same superior athletes. TV just doesn't capture the skills these people have.

Even to the sports haters (Ponce), if you get the chance to sit in the third row of an NBA game, take it. There are no fat slobs playing in the NBA (sorry golf and football), the action is quick (sorry baseball), it does not settle its champion by having everyone line up and make free throws (sorry soccer), and despite some dodgy officiating from the Fabulous Forum it is generally real (sorry wrestling). The only sport that can match its intensity live is (believe it or not) tennis, but until the ball girls start looking and dressing like the Laker Girls, I'll cast my vote for the NBA.*

Oh, and Kevin Durant? He's a man.

*I'm aware there is a sport played on the tundras north of the border, but it doesn't even allow girls in the arena to my knowledge. Get some puck girls and I'll reconsider.


Anonymous said...

Nice post! Have you commuted your sentence at law school to studying journalism in California?

mr.bean said...

Spent 8 years in LA LA Land & went to quite a few Lakers games. Only remember being super close once. It is an awesome sport upclose & personal. Did you see the Nets at the Staples Center lose their 17th straight that nite ?

Anonymous said...

The Flames/Ducks have puck girls and they have ample breasts. That's what is needed to clean the ice after the Zamboni is finished,