Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Microbrew is back

Look familiar?
Found these at Carrefoure yesterday. I had a Schrimshaw it was "Just ok". These are being sold as part of the America Fair carrefoure celebrations.

The only sticker Red-A will read this week.


Anonymous said...

That is funny. I wonder if the brewery found them, or they found the brewery - its only one of a million microbreweries in the USA.

Those are good beers though. Scrimshaw is probably the most boring. If they have the Rasputin, buy that. The Red Seal is an awesome pale ale.

The price is actually really good for Taiwan - must be imported directly by carrefour.

Red A

Anonymous said...

The wife says the labels in Chinese look like ours - very large with descriptions...I wonder if they copied ours word for word - please send a close up if you can Kevlar.

BTW, Red Seal runs about 8.99 as six pack here in the USA.

Red A

P.I.M.P said...