Friday, July 17, 2009

Beer and Bugs

A. Beer: I have never been a fan of Widmer, but their Drifter Pale Ale is awesome. The hops are so citrus-like, it feels like grapefruit juice going down. Grapefruit juice is healthy. So I am drinking a lot of this beer.

I also bought a 30 pack of Coors banquet for Karl's sake - man cannot subsist on microbrew alone. 30-packs! This is what America is about - invent the six pack and then multiply as needed. Apparently 5 is a good multiple - perhaps consensus dosage for a work week?

B. Bugs: I thought I would leave the realm of household insect pests back in Taiwan. Insted we got wasps, ants, and spiders (including black widows.) I asked the bug guy which kind he liked to kill best, and he said killing wasps gave the best job satisfaction.

Temperature: 104F

Number of languages spoken in Costco: 5 (English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, French, and Mandarin)

Sky: Blue (but a "smog day" according to the paper...)

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Anonymous said...

That would be 6 languages.