Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am moving back to the USA in June, so my wife is going through my stuff and tossing everything.

All my music CDs went to the local library. I guess they can enjoy my Dwight Yoakam CD. Two boxes of books, too. I told her I could give them to a bar, but she couldn't wait 1-2 days to give me time. They had to go in 20 minutes! 

Since most of the music is on my Ipod, its not too big a deal, but I still have some DVD's (region1) and books, and such that she has not tossed.

Anyone interested? There will also be more stuff coming down the pipeline as my wife turns her sights on everything else.

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Esquire Willy said...

You having some kinda get together at the beer factory before you go?