Friday, November 07, 2008

Cleaning out my notebook

Two Theories

Many have heard Warren Buffet's quote from a 2004 letter to the shareholders, "They (investors) should try to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful."

But have you heard of the Lean Goose Theory (瘦鵝理論)? This comes from Wang Yung-Ching (王永慶), founder of Formosa Plastics Group (台塑集團), who passed away in October. During World War II, a young Wang would buy less expensive, hungry, lean geese and use discarded vegetable scraps and and broken bits of rice kernels to feed them. By using what was not wanted at the time and waiting patiently, he was able to produce stronger and heavier geese than the better looking geese who were less motivated to continue to grow. This was to be one of his guiding principles as he became Taiwan's first mega-tycoon and the God of Management.


I wanted to write extensively about the Tech game but instead used my time watching every clip and reading every article I could find about the game. D-Wayne and I decided to watch it live and cheer on Tech at an Internet cafe. Imagine my surprise as I was waiting outside for him to see him pull up wearing an orange t-shirt. However, I countered his unintentional bad mojo with my Tech hat, socks, shirt and boxers. My nervousness and 4 cups of "breakfast" had me shaking like Charo on the casting couch for 4 hours. And then, it was over. We shed our past of coming up short, of not being able to finish. Not this time. We won this game and regardless of what happens next, Tech has cleared a very large psychological barrier.

My favorite off-the-field action came courtesy of a Longhorn alum, Matthew McConaughey. The shot of his expression while walking down the sidelines to the exit was priceless and also cemented his position as the biggest (non-paid) celebrity to leave Lubbock disappointed.


To President-elect Obama. I don't support all of any president's policies but I always support our president. For what's next, two words (please turn universal translator to Bidenese): Welcome Back, Carter.


Anonymous said...

Two words ? Must be a reflection on your beloved, super successful (20 % approval rating)leader GW's math skills........"Welcome Back, Carter" looks like 3 to me......Or maybe "Bidenese" implies something which only you understand (that he can't count or is verbose, or ???)...... Go cry over your Repubs going down hard somehere else, instead of doing it here while trying to cover it up under some TT victory piece.
I must say though, I am kinda sad we won't have a winking VP in Washington. I was looking foward to 4 more more years of Tina Fey making Sarah look like the idiot she is.

J-hole said...

Dear Anonymous,

I have a dream that one day we will live in a nation where we are not judged by the color of our state but by the content of our character.

I offered congratulations, stated my support and speculated with a jest about a below-the-fold but not obscure news item. Please google "biden jobs" and see what comes up.

Anonymous said...


Despite the fact that you founded this blog, please keep your opinions out of it.

It's just unseemly.


Anonymous said...

"shaking like Charo on the casting couch for 4 hours,"

This is the goodness that is J-Hole.
As all the Canuckistanis say AWESOME.

Big Ell

Col said...

Keep your personal comments in it ,that's why it is here???
I sincerly wish the president elect will do well for the U.S.A and the world, God and Buddha now we need it.
Well done Tech

Darkpawn said...

Since I'm not expecting you to lose to Baylor, just take care of business in Norman. I figure it's the only way UT can get to the BCS championship game. You know, y'all go to the Big 12 game, get upset by Missouri, Texas goes to Miami. That's the plan, anyway. Good luck on Saturday. I'll be watching up in Taipei and rooting for Tech.

J-hole said...


I take it that keeping my opinion out of it is your opinion?