Friday, November 07, 2008

Construction Hell

They are building a pedestrian footbridge across the canal near my house.

This footbridge will serve no purpose, because it will connect a small row of townhouses to a few apartment buildings.

There is already a perfectly fine bridge about 50 meters away that would get pedestrians to the store or park faster than the footbridge would.

I guess kids can go stand on it and drop things into the canal.

That is not worth the week of jackhammers, the cuttting down of fine shade tress to make space for the bridge, the blocking of the sidewalk, and I really have to mention this again: JACKHAMMERS. SUPER LOUD, SUPER BIG JACKHAMMERS. Just started today, so I am sure they will be working all week-end.

And this helps the neighborhood chief show he cares and gets him re-elected.

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