Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thoughts on a Foreign Land

Halifax is your place if you are in the market for crack.
Stoney had a nice summer.
Nova Scotia McDonalds have McLobster, which has actual lobster in it.  Unfortunately, it also has celery.
It rains. A lot.
Cape Breton makes for a good place to spend some time.
New Brunswick duels with Maine for most boring place to drive across due to an inordinate amount of trees.
Kevlar's parents are about as nice a pair of people as you would ever want to meet.  Kevlar's brother is cool.  Kevlar's brother's girlfriend likes to talk.  Kind of a female version of Red A.
The Canadians will tax you any way they can.  Exhibit 1:  Not only do you pay the price per litre, but on top of that you have to a pay a fuel distribution surcharge at the end.  $30 bucks in the States for a tank, $50 in Canuckistan.
Ivo and Burl are pretty high up on the cute meter (actual quote from Ivo:  Brett, get off the raft for a second, I'm going to do something amazing.).
My body does not recover from an all night drinking session with Stoney and Kevlar like it once did -- drinking until sun-up resulted in sleeping until sun-down.
There are several unprotected borders in New Brunswick.  I've sent the appropriate letter to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to ensure this situation is remedied.
New Brunswick has a lot of trees (I know it's on here twice, but felt reinforcement of this idea to be necessary).
Stoney's lake house neighbors like to water ski.  Stoney likes peace and quiet.  If Stoney were American, he would have put a cap in their loud asses by now.  Instead he just bitches and whines.
Sandy is all in on this no longer a vegetarian thing.  Atta girl!
A lobster pound is a good place to buy fresh lobster on the cheap.
Antigonish has 5,000 people.  A tour of Antigonish takes one hour by car.  A pizza from The Wheel takes thirty minutes.
If Stoney and Kevlar's parents had grown up in the same neck of the woods, they would be best buddies.  The mothers are crafty and the dads have serious DIY skills.
Bill Clinton visited Antigonish to inaugurate a new building a few years ago.
CBC radio weather reports are automated.  Sounds like you are calling Time whenever it gives you the forecast.


Anonymous said...

Foreign land? Nice seeing ya bud. -K

mr. bean said...

Nice post Brett. Reminds me of Alan Malamud's "Notes on a Scorecard" column he would write for the LA Times during my time in La La Land back in the 80s. Glad the roadtrip is going well and you're meeting up with some of the gang. And yes Kev, Canada is a foreign land.

Anonymous said...

awesome time - pics coming soon.


Rye said...

"There are several unprotected borders in New Brunswick."

Witnessed a high speed lake chase last week, US border patrol in action. Guess that letter got through. Thanks buddy. Just what I need, a heavier police presence on the lake.