Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I am all for Taiwan, Youth, Anti-Communism, and of course Corps. Who is not?

But I am confused that the leader of the Taiwan Youth Anti-Communist Corps 台灣青年反共救國團is an old guy with grey hair. And the people next to him are not exactly spring chickens.

Probably the actual youth members didn't make it in time because they were still preening over their hair


Anonymous said...

Hurray! A new Post!

Rider I said...

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Communist Chinese use Proxy agents then invade via SOE free trade zones after the economy is weakened by the fighting of proxy agents

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Rider I

The reason the elders are in the front as Communist Chinese have been known to attack and mame elderly and youth in peaceful parades as per you tube videos of the acts of violence against free speech and protests.

If you like free markets, shopping, freedom of speech along with freedom of association of politics and labor unions for better pay and rights. Then you should join them too.