Saturday, September 19, 2009

Guns are Up in Taiwan!

Front row: My colleague Paul, me, my colleague Andre
Back row: the Generalissimo CKS Teasipper, UT class of 1907

Texas Tech vs. Texas, 8:00pm Saturday

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This was sent to me from my mother. It's a promo for Texas Technological College from 1947. Not positive, but the homecoming parade might have a bit of insensitivity towards others displayed.


Anonymous said...

1. why are you giving us the time on the east coast? are you secretly a yankee?
2. tell paul he's off the friend list.
3. you work with someone named andre?
4. i don't really like your chances this weekend. what i'm really waiting for is the following week when tech visits the cougs at robertson. you will never hear the end of it if UH lights your boys up. Eat 'em up, eat 'em up, RAH RAH RAH!

J-hole said...

1. Good question. To help me answer this I have forwarded your query along with your name and address to the good folks in Georgia, North and South Carolina, Florida and Virginia. Hope they can contact you real soon with some feedback.
2. Look again at the picture. You think that's the face of someone who's scared of a lawyer?
3. What I'm really waiting for is when you are able to defeat the blogger log in system and post as yourself.

Anonymous said...

Paul is also a Texas tech grad? Or did you trick him into wearing that shirt?